Thinking About Working From Home?

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What is Your “Why” for Working From Home?

Working from home is a dream that many people hope to achieve for a variety of reasons. However, for those of us with children at home, the idea of having more flexibility and time with the kids is a major reason. The work at home parent demographic is huge as more and more parents start thinking about ways to make the dream a reality. If you’re not yet sure if you should start working from home, take a moment to look over some additional reasons for “Why.”

10 Good Reasons for Parents to Work from Home 

No Business Clothing Required – Wearing business clothing is a pain for a new mom. You try to get ready for work and before you know it the baby has spit up on you and you have to change clothes. This will end.

You’ll be More Productive – No one is really super mom or dad, but if you have your own home based business you can be a lot more productive. You can fit everything into the time you have if you have control over your calendar.

No Distractions from Co-Workers – While you will have some distractions from your children, they are a pleasure, you won’t have any from co-workers stopping by your desk to gossip. Baby hugs and kisses are so much better.

You Can Balance Your Time Better – Having control of your calendar is an amazing thing. You can write in all the important things you need to do as a parent and arrange work around that.

You Can Be Healthier – Everyone knows that sitting all day long is bad for your health. When you work for yourself you can schedule in exercise to combat the damage done by sitting all day long. You can also eat more home-cooked from scratch meals which will make you healthier as well.

You Get Out of It What You Put Into It – When you work for someone else, no matter how hard you work you get the same salary or hourly pay. But, when you have your own business, the harder you work, the more money you’ll earn.

No Expensive Commute – It’s cold outside and gas prices are up, and you get to stay indoors and enjoy your little family and still earn money without having multiple vehicles in your family. This can save the average family 600 or more dollars each month.

No Expensive Office Space Rent – It can be very expensive to rent office space. In most towns the average is about 20 dollars per square foot per year. That can really add up.

Lower Your Work Stress – When you like what you do, who you do it for, and who you’re with all day, the stress in your life will go down exponentially.

Work During Your Most Creative Time – Once again, having ultimate calendar control enables you to work when you’re at your best. Some people work best at 3 am, others work best from 8:30 am to 3 pm while their kids are in school.

Naturally, the very best reason to work from home as a parent is your children. Being there for your child’s “firsts” is important to you but you also need to earn a living of some kind makes working from home a viable alternative. With the advent of high speed Internet it’s more possible than ever to work from home.

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  1. Work from home is indeed a healthier option. This option help us to have a better grip on family life. Also you get to spent lot of time with your kids.

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