Favorite Kids’ St. Patrick’s Day Games

st. patrick's day games

Kids Love These Favorite St. Patrick’s Day Games

What’s a children’s party without fun and games? If you’re planning a party, you may want to incorporate these favorite kids’ St. Patrick’s Day games to keep all of the little leprechauns happy.

Hot potato is a game you may have played as a child. Explain that the object of the game is to get rid of the ‘hot’ potato by passing it from one person to the next while the Irish music plays. When the music stops the person holding the potato is out. This continues until all but one are out and the one remaining wins a small prize.

Create an Irish variation for Pin the Tail on the Donkey. Instead of a picture of a donkey you’ll have a large picture of a leprechaun hung on the wall. The place the shamrock should go should be easily recognizable. Each child will be given a paper shamrock with their name on it. Put tape on the back. Blindfold each child during their turn. Spin them around and see if they can put the shamrock in the right place. The child who gets closest to the right place is given a small prize. Read more