Eating Your Way to a Healthy Complexion

Healthy Complexion

Eat These Foods for a Healthy Complexion

Ask any teenager, and they’ll tell you what a pain acne is. Most teens suffer from bad skin, but many continue into adulthood. While you could spend money on chemical peels, plastic surgery or various skincare products, eating your way to a healthy complexion is a much safer way to improve your skin. It is amazing that diet can play such an important part in not only your physical health but also in how you look. If you have a tendency to eat the typical Standard American Diet (SAD) full of processed foods, too many sweets and too many fats, it will show up in the way your complexion looks. Changing your diet to include fresh and raw foods with specific vitamins and minerals can greatly improve the condition of your skin.

These nutrient-dense foods are perfect if you want to improve your complexion:

* Red and purple fruits and vegetables contain anthocyanins which are important antioxidants. They are found in fruits such as cherries, blueberries and blood oranges. healthy complexionYou can also find them in red cabbage. Anthocyanins are necessary to maintain healthy blood flow to the skin and protect it against ultraviolet (UV) damage.

* Whole grain foods help balance insulin and blood sugar. These foods include whole wheat and brown rice and are important because clinical studies have indicated too much sugar in your system can increase acne. Having excess sugar in your system can also cause collagen not to form properly. Why is collagen important? It works along with keratin to increase the skin’s strength, flexibility and resilience which means it keeps your skin youthful and healthy. Read more