Top Ideas For Family Night Activities – Fun Family Game Night Ideas

family game night

Fun Family Night Activities

Family time is becoming less and less of an activity these days with both parents working, and not enough time to spend with the kids. Well, it’s time to change that. Certainly, you can take time out for one night a week to spend with your family. Do you want to start a new tradition? Perhaps you already have family game night. If not, here are some ideas for family night activities.

Family Game Night

Play a board game. Scrabble or Monopoly would be a fun family game night for everyone. Kids love to beat their parents at these games! If it’s a Saturday evening, why not go to your local park and fly kites. Even adults love this activity! If it’s raining, use the old standby and build a fort in the living room. Prepare hot dogs on a stick; then toast the old marshmallows (adults only can do this); tell stories, and have a great time. If the family is into sports, get out the basketball and play a few games of HORSE. Or for exercise; why don’t you and your family go out for a bike ride in the neighborhood. Read more