Organizing Kid’s Toys – Keeping The Toys Controlled

organizing kid's toys

Organizing Kid’s Toys

Organizing kid’s toys is an ongoing struggle that every parent understands. It’s the same at my house. My youngest is 14 now, so he doesn’t have the mounds of Legos and action figures like he did when he was 7. But, my grandson is 7 and he brings over toys and has to be reminded regularly to put them away. That’s usually after I’ve stepped on a Matchbox car. There is hope, and you can get on top of this battle before you lose your mind.

Keeping the toys from overtaking the house is a simple process. Let’s review some tips to help you bring your house back to order.

  • There are wonderful Lil Tykes and Rubbermaid chests you can purchase to store all of the toys skewed about the house. In addition, most of them come on wheels, which make the picking up of toys easier. They also come in colors and sizes, which can compliment any child’s room. Also available are hanging chests which would really make life easier for you. They can be hung on the wall of your child’s room, which is ideal especially if the bedroom is small.
  • organizing kid's toysOnce you have all of the toys neatly assembled; the task before you is to get rid of the old or unwanted toys in your kids’ bedroom. This is something you will have to either confer with your kids, or determine on your own which toys should go and which should be kept. Just gather them up and place them in large boxes. If they are broken, and you can fix them, give them to a charitable organization. If they are intact; add them to the charity box as well.
  • When kids receive new toys, they quickly forget the old; well, usually they do. Again, the process doesn’t have to be traumatizing. Just discuss it with your kids, make a decision, and explain to them the importance of donating their old toys to charities. Make sure you explain to them the more room they have, the more toys they may receive next Christmas.
  • Check online to view all of the different toy chests available. Take your kids with you to buy these chests. In this way they can participate and choose whatever color or style they like. You can be assured once you arrive home; they will be bursting at the seams in anticipation of putting their toys in their new chests.

Organizing kid’s toys in your house is not impossible. Make sure the kids understand that they have to put their toys away when they’re done playing. Set them up to succeed with appropriate storage and help them sort through toys that they no longer want. They’ll enjoy the feeling of a tidy space and that of helping other kids.

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