Healthy Breakfast Ideas: Serve Your Family a Warm, Nourishing Breakfast

Finding healthy breakfast ideas that your kids will actually eat is not always easy. Especially with the busy schedule that we all live now days. People on the run often choose a cold breakfast or no breakfast at all because it’s the quickest. In the colder months, however, a cold breakfast simply won’t do. Why not try one or more of these nourishing winter warming breakfasts to help you prepare for your day.

Try these nourishing, warm healthy breakfast ideas

healthy breakfast ideasA big bowl of hearty oatmeal is a great choice for a cold winter morning. Oatmeal doesn’t have to take a long time to prepare. Get it started before you get dressed and it should be ready to eat when you’re done. Soak dried fruit such as raisins, cherries or cranberries before stirring them into the bowl to add depth of flavor. Cinnamon or nutmeg would also be good as additions.

Try my “Easy and Delicious Oatmeal Recipe.”

Whole wheat bread is better for you than bread made with refined flour. Use whole wheat bread to make French toast or whole wheat flour to make waffles. Instead of syrup to top your French toast or waffles, warm up apple sauce and spread it over them. Read more

Help Your Teen Deal with Aggression – Find a Positive Outlet for Emotions

help teens deal with agression

Children learn what they live, and at some point you may need to learn how to help your teen deal with aggression. Teenagers are no exception. If they live in a household where shouting, profanity or worse goes on, the likelihood that your teen will deal with aggression in the same manner is high. But even in households where these examples have not been set, many teens go through an aggressive or acting out phase.

Trying to deal with your teen in the middle of an aggressive episode is like trying to pick up leaves in a windstorm. You may need to remove your teen from the situation, but trying to reason with her is best left until she calms down.

help your teen deal with aggressionAnger is being upset. Aggression is acting out. It is important to find out why there is so much aggression in your teen. Don’t over look that it could be a chemical imbalance. Other reasons could be guilt, deep seeded anger, fear, feelings of betrayal, entitlement or insecurity.

In some cases outside help will be needed. Counseling at school or by a third party can on occasion work wonders if your child is able to openly discuss concerns with a non-biased person. Other times you may be able to work toward a resolve with your teen. Read more

Parenting Teenagers – Choices Vs Ultimatums

parenting teenagers

The teen years are known as the toughest years of parenting and with good reason. You have a child who is going through hormonal changes as well as growing and craving independence. Parenting teenagers can be tough, with a little help and thought you can get through them.

By the time your child is a teen you hopefully have given them opportunities to make some decisions. You likely allowed your young child to decide which shirt to wear. You may have allowed your 6th grader to decide which instrument or sport to play.

parenting teenagersTeenagers don’t always have such simplistic choices to make. By that age some choices come with serious ramifications. One of the most difficult tasks in parenting is letting your children grow up. Watching them make painful mistakes is not easy.

If she leaves the nest never having experienced pain or consequences how well equipped will she be to live on her own and function as a healthy adult? Give your teen choices rather than ultimatums. If he makes the wrong choice, hopefully he will learn from it and not repeat it. Read more

How Important is Family Meal Time Anyway?

family meal time

You may think that the biggest benefit of family meal time is to ensure everyone has food in their stomachs. However, sharing meals does more than feed each person physically; it also feeds them emotionally and draws them together. Keep reading to find out why family meal time is so important.

How Does Eating Dinner Together Help Your Family?

Family meal time allows conversations to take place. Simply being together chatting about the day can be enough to help you stay connected. No matter which meals you eat together, you’ll appreciate having the opportunity to find out what’s going on in each member’s life. You’ll have a chance to encourage your children as they take tests or remind your partner of important events coming up.

Assign each person in the family a task to help prepare the meals. There’s no reason why you should have to do all of the cooking if others can pitch in. You might also find that some of the best conversations happen as you’re preparing a meal. Find tasks for even the youngest of the family. Read more

Fun Kid’s Activities That May Help You Reduce Your Stress

fun kid's activities

fun kid's activities Kids can be such a joy to be around!

They have an exuberance that is catching. They know how to enjoy themselves with the simplest of things. If you’re usually stressed, you may not know how to have fun with your children. Try using some of these fun kid’s activities – you’ll soon be acting just as silly as your children.

It’s not unusual for parents to forget how to enjoy their children because they have so much on their minds. Parents can easily become overwhelmed when their children are young. They’re concerned about their children’s safety, and they want to ensure their children are healthy. However, you don’t want your children to grow up and miss out on having fun with you. Here are some tips.

Fun Kid’s Activities

When it’s time to tuck your children into bed, pull out a story book and read them a bedtime story. Instead of reading it in a normal voice, create a new silly voice for each character. Of course, in the process of reading you may accidentally (or on purpose) talk in a female voice when the character is a male. Exaggerate the voices and your children will get the giggles. Once they start to giggle set the book down and tickle them to get them laughing harder. If you can get them settled down they should fall right to sleep and with a smile on their face.

fun kid's activitiesSet aside some time to have some fun teaching your children to cook. Find an easy recipe where your children can do most of the work. Don’t worry about the mess they make because it will clean. Invariably the children will get more flour or other ingredients on themselves. Take pictures of them, mess and all, so you have something to remember the day of fun.

Plan a day to play video games with them. If you have a computer console where more than one person can play at a time, find games which you can play together. Don’t be surprised if your kids whoop up on you, though, since they have had more experience playing these games.

If it’s nice outdoors, go outside and play with them. Toss a ball or play hopscotch. If the weather is cold and snowy you could always have a snowball fight. Think of games you played as a child. If you had fun playing them it’s a good chance your children will have fun, too.

Build a fort in your living room using the cushions from the furniture, pillow and blankets. Help your children use their imagination as you play with them. Does your child have a teddy bear that can walk the plank or a doll that can be held in a castle tower? If you use your imagination your child will try to do the same thing.

After you’ve taken time to play and have fun with your child, don’t forget to do things which are fun for you. You need time to regenerate yourself. You may find you’re more relaxed and less cranky if you have fun with your children. It’s even possible you’ll be less cranky and more fun with your partner, too.