Top Ideas For Family Night Activities – Fun Family Game Night Ideas

family game night

Fun Family Night Activities

Family time is becoming less and less of an activity these days with both parents working, and not enough time to spend with the kids. Well, it’s time to change that. Certainly, you can take time out for one night a week to spend with your family. Do you want to start a new tradition? Perhaps you already have family game night. If not, here are some ideas for family night activities.

Family Game Night

Play a board game. Scrabble or Monopoly would be a fun family game night for everyone. Kids love to beat their parents at these games! If it’s a Saturday evening, why not go to your local park and fly kites. Even adults love this activity! If it’s raining, use the old standby and build a fort in the living room. Prepare hot dogs on a stick; then toast the old marshmallows (adults only can do this); tell stories, and have a great time. If the family is into sports, get out the basketball and play a few games of HORSE. Or for exercise; why don’t you and your family go out for a bike ride in the neighborhood. Read more

Favorite Kids’ St. Patrick’s Day Games

st. patrick's day games

Kids Love These Favorite St. Patrick’s Day Games

What’s a children’s party without fun and games? If you’re planning a party, you may want to incorporate these favorite kids’ St. Patrick’s Day games to keep all of the little leprechauns happy.

Hot potato is a game you may have played as a child. Explain that the object of the game is to get rid of the ‘hot’ potato by passing it from one person to the next while the Irish music plays. When the music stops the person holding the potato is out. This continues until all but one are out and the one remaining wins a small prize.

Create an Irish variation for Pin the Tail on the Donkey. Instead of a picture of a donkey you’ll have a large picture of a leprechaun hung on the wall. The place the shamrock should go should be easily recognizable. Each child will be given a paper shamrock with their name on it. Put tape on the back. Blindfold each child during their turn. Spin them around and see if they can put the shamrock in the right place. The child who gets closest to the right place is given a small prize. Read more

Avoiding The Tug-Of-War: How To Keep Kids From Playing Their Parents Against Each Other

Parents:  Keep Your Kids From Playing You Against Each Other

If you’ve ever watched kid’s sit-coms on the Disney Channel or Nick, you will have undoubtedly noticed that many of the plots call for kids to play parents against each other. Of course, the writers of the shows are going for a laugh at a universal experience. However, the situation is real and we’ve probably all experienced at some time either as a kid or the parent. Why do our kids play us against each other? The root cause is children need to be loved and disciplined by both parents; not by one over the other. Thus, avoiding the inevitable tug-of-war becomes the problem at hand. How to keep your kids from playing their parents against each other is an issue which involves many thought-provoking questions.

Children sense when their parents are angry; thus, if the child senses mom is becoming upset by dad, the child will immediately take sides and use it later as a way of getting what they want. Never involve your kids in an argument between you and your spouse. Children need to know they are loved by both of you, and should not have to take sides. Read more

Mother and Daughter Bonding Advice – Grow Closer to Your Daughter

mother and daughter bonding
Try these mother and daughter bonding ideas to help you grow closer to your daughter.

Advice on How to Grow Closer to Your Daughter

You’ve often heard of ‘Mama’s boys’ and ‘Daddy’s girls’ which may lead you to believe it’s not possible for moms to have special relationships with their daughters. Nothing could be further from the truth. If you’ve been having problems with your daughter lately, try some of these mother and daughter bonding ideas to help you set your relationship on the right track.

There are many reasons why it’s important for moms and daughters to have a solid relationship. Probably the most important is that mothers can help explain the changes their daughter’s body will go through in ways their fathers can’t. Moms can also understand how their daughter feels about some subjects where their fathers simply don’t have a clue. As a daughter grows older, moves out, marries and has children of her own, she will often seek her mother’s advice on how to take care of and raise her own children. Read more

7 No-Fail Tips to Reduce Morning Stress With Your Kids


reduce morning stress
Use these 7 tips to help reduce morning stress.

Moms all over the world often spend the morning frustrated because their children run behind. They know there has to be a better way. Using these sure-fire tips to make your morning routine run smoother, you can reduce morning stress and start on a positive note rather than a sour one. Your day will run much smoother if you do as much as you can the night before. It will reduce the amount of time everyone takes to get ready and there will be much less stress.

A few things you can do the night before to reduce morning stress:

* Shower or bathe – Schedule showers or baths for all of the children. If they can get clean the night before, that will be one less thing they’ll have to do in the morning. Having the children bathe the night before will also ensure you have plenty of hot water for your own bath or shower.

* Set out clothes – Teach your children to choose and set out their clothes the night before. You can approve each outfit and ensure there are no repairs to be made. Don’t forget to have your children find their shoes and socks to place with the outfit so all they have to do when they get up is get dressed and reduce morning stress. Read more