Benefits Of Reading To Your Children


benefits of reading to children

What are the Benefits of Reading to Your Children?

Most of us can remember the first book we ever read. Can you? Words are incredibly powerful. They invoke images of far away lands; scary castles; or princesses looking for their knights in shining armor. They can also become friends. Yes, books are the window through which your child sees and experiences different worlds; viewpoints; the fantasies and realities of life. So what are the benefits of reading to your children? Oh, so many, one could write a book on the subject.

There is nothing more worthwhile than reading to your children. Even as babies; the sounds and connotations in your voice can calm and soothe them. More importantly, even before your child is born, research has suggested that your children tend to have a higher degree of understanding and learning. What a wonderful gift to give to your children. Read more

Positive Reinforcement Ideas for Kids

Positive Reinforcement Ideas for Kids

Using The Rewards System For Good Behavior

Sometimes, all children need is a little encouragement and positive reinforcement to ensure they are on their best behavior. Using the rewards system for good behavior is a controversial subject. While some proponents believe it can be a good thing; others think it can be overused, thus having no affect at all.

Here are a few positive reinforcement ideas for kids, when used properly, can help you tame the unruly child.

How do you reward your child for good behavior? Do you buy a toy which he or she has been asking for? Do you allow them an extra hour of TV? Or do you use another approach? There are several methods you can use to reward your child for good behavior which will not cost anything at all. One is praise. Children need to feel loved and accepted. Praising them for an accomplishment or behavior can reinforce that love. According to experts, verbal reinforcement is very powerful. Yes, words are very powerful; and when used appropriately can make all the difference in the world to a child. It is positive reinforcement at its very best. Read more

Organizing Kid’s Toys – Keeping The Toys Controlled

organizing kid's toys

Organizing Kid’s Toys

Organizing kid’s toys is an ongoing struggle that every parent understands. It’s the same at my house. My youngest is 14 now, so he doesn’t have the mounds of Legos and action figures like he did when he was 7. But, my grandson is 7 and he brings over toys and has to be reminded regularly to put them away. That’s usually after I’ve stepped on a Matchbox car. There is hope, and you can get on top of this battle before you lose your mind.

Keeping the toys from overtaking the house is a simple process. Let’s review some tips to help you bring your house back to order.

  • There are wonderful Lil Tykes and Rubbermaid chests you can purchase to store all of the toys skewed about the house. In addition, most of them come on wheels, which make the picking up of toys easier. They also come in colors and sizes, which can compliment any child’s room. Also available are hanging chests which would really make life easier for you. They can be hung on the wall of your child’s room, which is ideal especially if the bedroom is small.

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How to Teach Kids About Money

how to teach kids about money

How to Teach Kids About Money

While they are young, it’s the perfect time to teach kids about money. Remember when you were a kid and you got some money for your birthday? If you were like most kids, you were ready to run right out and spend it before it burned a hole in your pocket. Although spending birthday money is fun, and certainly expected, learning to put away some of it is a good idea too. As parents, it’s up to us to teach kids about money.

Here are some tips on how to accomplish this difficult process.

Kids learn by example. If you are in debt, odds are they will be too. You need to teach fiscal responsibility at an early stage. The earlier you discuss money with your kids, the better prepared they will become. Open up a savings account with your kids; allow them to deposit and make withdrawals. Give them the option to use the account in whichever way they decide. By allowing them this freedom to choose, you are also giving them the opportunity to make mistakes and learn from them. Always be there in case they need your advice in this regard.

Give them an allowance. If they run out of money before the following week; do not replenish it. This will teach them about choices; the good and the bad. This is especially true if they are saving to buy something special. If they use their money unwisely, and cannot buy that which they were saving for, a valuable lesson will be learned. Read more

Chore Ideas for Kids That Parents Want to Know

chore ideas for kids

Chore Ideas for Kids

It’s never too early to start thinking about chore ideas for kids. You can even start as early as two years old. While children mature at different rates, you can still determine what age appropriate chores are best suited for toddlers, kids, pre-teens and teens.

If you have toddlers at home, they can certainly help you by: making the bed; picking up their toys; feeding the family pet; helping you put laundry into the basket; or cleaning up split milk on the kitchen floor. These chores would be most suited to two and three year olds. You can teach your toddlers to do their chores by making a game out of it; or improvising different ways in which they can help. It will give them a sense of pride and accomplishment. Yes, even at that young age.

For four and five year olds, you can ask them to help you set the table; dust around the house; help make cookies; help you carry grocery bags (as long as you make it light for them). Six and eight year old can really get into the chores by taking care of the pet they’ve always wanted; help you vacuum the floor; take out the trash or fold the laundry. You can even ask them to help you prepare meals. Think of the experience they are getting at this early age. Read more