St. Patrick’s Day Party Food Ideas


st patricks day cupcakes
St. Patrick’s Day cupcakes

St. Patrick’s Day Party Food Ideas

St. Patrick’s Day is almost here. Do you have your green? If you’re planning a St. Patrick’s Day party, food ideas may not come easily. But, there are many foods you can fix which can be served at a St. Patrick’s Day party. Look through this list and see if you can find a few St. Patrick party food ideas you’d like to serve at your party. Be sure to check out my fun St. Patrick’s Day games for kids too.

Let’s start with beverages. Most people expect there to be green beer on St. Patrick’s Day. You can make your own. Start with an Irish Amber or lager-style beer. Add three to six drops of green food coloring into 16 ounces of Irish lager.

Don’t leave the children out! Even though they won’t get green beer to drink, you can provide them with their own green beverage. Add three drops of green food coloring to ginger ale, apple juice, lemon-lime or lemonade.

St. Patrick’s Day Cupcakes

Finger foods are popular at parties and St. Patrick’s Day is no exception. These cupcakes are shaped like shamrocks. You’ll need these ingredients:

* Cupcake batter
* Cupcake tins and liners
* Aluminum foil
* White frosting
* Green food coloring
* Toothpick
* Green licorice candy

Make your favorite cupcake batter and add green food coloring if you prefer. Put the paper liners in the muffin tin and fill them halfway. Roll aluminum foil up into balls and place three of them spaced equally between each liner and the tin to create a shamrock-shaped cupcake.

Bake the cupcakes but take them out a few minutes early. Cool and remove the paper. Ice each cupcake with green frosting (1 teaspoon green food coloring to one package of white frosting). Draw veins using a toothpick and insert green licorice (2 inches long) as the stem. Read more

How You Can Learn to Live Within Your Means – Start a Family Budget

Start a Family Budget
Learn how to live within your means & start a family budget.

Like many other folks, you may have made a resolution at the first of 2017. As of this writing, that was just 29 days ago. I wonder how many have already broken their resolutions? So many of them are things like losing weight, getting healthy, finding a better job etc. One of the most important resolutions anyone can make, at any time of the year is to get your finances under control and learn how to make a family budget. If you’re one who hasn’t learned to live within your means, now is the perfect time to try again.

Learn How to Live Within Your Means & Start a Family Budget

What is the definition for ‘living within your means’? It simply means that you don’t spend more money than you make. If your combined income, after taxes and insurance are taken out, is $1,200 a month, you won’t purposefully choose to spend $1,500 a month. Many people who use credit cards and have several loans often fall under the category of living outside of their means. These are the folks who can benefit from learning how to start a family budget. Read more

7 No-Fail Tips to Reduce Morning Stress With Your Kids


reduce morning stress
Use these 7 tips to help reduce morning stress.

Moms all over the world often spend the morning frustrated because their children run behind. They know there has to be a better way. Using these sure-fire tips to make your morning routine run smoother, you can reduce morning stress and start on a positive note rather than a sour one. Your day will run much smoother if you do as much as you can the night before. It will reduce the amount of time everyone takes to get ready and there will be much less stress.

A few things you can do the night before to reduce morning stress:

* Shower or bathe – Schedule showers or baths for all of the children. If they can get clean the night before, that will be one less thing they’ll have to do in the morning. Having the children bathe the night before will also ensure you have plenty of hot water for your own bath or shower.

* Set out clothes – Teach your children to choose and set out their clothes the night before. You can approve each outfit and ensure there are no repairs to be made. Don’t forget to have your children find their shoes and socks to place with the outfit so all they have to do when they get up is get dressed and reduce morning stress. Read more

M and M Theme Valentine Fun – Valentine Recipes and Activities

It’s almost February and that means Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. I love this sweet holiday, mostly because my birthday is the 15th and as a kid I thought it was a two day celebration. Now days, I enjoy making fun Valentine theme recipes and treats for my family.

M and M Valentine Recipes and Activities!

M & M Valentine Activities and Recipes

Valentine Pretzel Buttons

Valentine’s Day White Chocolate Bark Bites

Peanut Butter M&M’s™ Cookie Pie

Candy and Flowers for Valentine’s Day – With a Twist

Strawberry M&M Caramel Pretzel Bark

Valentine’s Day S’mores Popcorn

Tic Tac Toe Valentine’s Day Cards

Valentine Brown Sugar Blondies

Soft M & M Chocolate Chip Cookies

Cupid Chow Valentine’s Day Popcorn Mix

I hope you try some of these M & M theme Valentine recipes and activities. Have a sweet day filled with love!