Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Body

Detoxing your body

Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Body 

Each year people spring clean their homes. They go through their houses, cleaning and getting rid of stuff they don’t need. Have you thought about using this idea for your body? Detoxing your body can give you a new lease on life which may be just what you need to feel renewed and healthy.

The typical standard American diet (SAD) leaves your body with improper digestion, decreased energy, clogged sinuses, foggy mind and poor sleep habits. Detoxing is believed to improve each of these as well as strengthen your body’s reaction to viruses, reduce allergy symptoms and achieve hormonal balances. You may also experience fewer mood swings, clearer skin and more. Follow these tips if you’d like to try a spring cleaning for your body.

* Change your diet from SAD to glad. Begin by eliminating junk foods such as those which are fried, sugary, processed, prepared and packaged. These can be full of food additives, trans fats and sugar the body doesn’t need.

* Read the labels. If you can’t pronounce the ingredients, you’d be better off leaving it on the shelf. Instead of foods with chemical compounds for ingredients, choose fresh fruits and vegetables.

* Increase how much pure water you drink daily to between eight and ten cups. Water will help flush toxins out of your body. Add the freshly squeezed juice of a lemon to the water your drink first thing in the morning. This will alkalize your body chemistry. Lemon may also aid in cleansing your kidneys, colon and liver. Read more

Chore Ideas for Kids That Parents Want to Know

chore ideas for kids

Chore Ideas for Kids

It’s never too early to start thinking about chore ideas for kids. You can even start as early as two years old. While children mature at different rates, you can still determine what age appropriate chores are best suited for toddlers, kids, pre-teens and teens.

If you have toddlers at home, they can certainly help you by: making the bed; picking up their toys; feeding the family pet; helping you put laundry into the basket; or cleaning up split milk on the kitchen floor. These chores would be most suited to two and three year olds. You can teach your toddlers to do their chores by making a game out of it; or improvising different ways in which they can help. It will give them a sense of pride and accomplishment. Yes, even at that young age.

For four and five year olds, you can ask them to help you set the table; dust around the house; help make cookies; help you carry grocery bags (as long as you make it light for them). Six and eight year old can really get into the chores by taking care of the pet they’ve always wanted; help you vacuum the floor; take out the trash or fold the laundry. You can even ask them to help you prepare meals. Think of the experience they are getting at this early age. Read more

Eating Your Way to a Healthy Complexion

Healthy Complexion

Eat These Foods for a Healthy Complexion

Ask any teenager, and they’ll tell you what a pain acne is. Most teens suffer from bad skin, but many continue into adulthood. While you could spend money on chemical peels, plastic surgery or various skincare products, eating your way to a healthy complexion is a much safer way to improve your skin. It is amazing that diet can play such an important part in not only your physical health but also in how you look. If you have a tendency to eat the typical Standard American Diet (SAD) full of processed foods, too many sweets and too many fats, it will show up in the way your complexion looks. Changing your diet to include fresh and raw foods with specific vitamins and minerals can greatly improve the condition of your skin.

These nutrient-dense foods are perfect if you want to improve your complexion:

* Red and purple fruits and vegetables contain anthocyanins which are important antioxidants. They are found in fruits such as cherries, blueberries and blood oranges. healthy complexionYou can also find them in red cabbage. Anthocyanins are necessary to maintain healthy blood flow to the skin and protect it against ultraviolet (UV) damage.

* Whole grain foods help balance insulin and blood sugar. These foods include whole wheat and brown rice and are important because clinical studies have indicated too much sugar in your system can increase acne. Having excess sugar in your system can also cause collagen not to form properly. Why is collagen important? It works along with keratin to increase the skin’s strength, flexibility and resilience which means it keeps your skin youthful and healthy. Read more

Does Chicken Soup Really Help the Common Cold?

chicken noodle soup

Does Chicken Soup Really Help the Common Cold?

Does chicken soup really help the common cold? Some people swear by the belief that chicken soup can cure a cold. Others aren’t so sure so the jury is still out. Even if chicken soup doesn’t work, it’s still a nutritious and delicious way to help you feel better.

Chicken soup has been prescribed since the 12th century as a way to fight off illness. Jewish philosopher and doctor Maimonides used chicken soup to treat a variety of health issues besides the common cold, but he highly recommended it for colds and other respiratory illnesses. Chicken soup is also called “Jewish penicillin” because it has been used so often to treat colds.

Before this question can be answered, let’s look at what goes into a pot of homemade chicken soup. Soup recipes will vary but most chicken soup recipes will consist of diced chicken, chopped carrots, onions, garlic, egg noodles, bell pepper and seasoning.

If we look only at the items on this list, we see that chicken supplies the body with zinc, carrots provide beta-carotene, onions and garlic are considered to be strong antivirals, egg noodles provide selenium and peppers contain salicylates. Each of these ingredients has medicinal qualities which, when combined, may provide the body with nutrients it needs to fight off the common cold.

The medical community may not be able to agree on whether or not chicken soup can cure the common cold, but they do agree that there are positive results from eating it. Consider the following: Read more

Bread Machines for Health Conscious Cooks PLUS Wheat Bread Machine Recipe

bread machine


Bread Machines for Health Conscious Cooks

Bread isn’t likely the first food item that comes to mind when thinking of ways to cook healthy. Besides, it takes a ton of time to mix, knead, let it rise and bake the bread. But with a bread machine, you can make a home-baked bread machine recipe quickly and easily and have the added advantage of making each loaf a healthy addition to your diet.

With a bread machine, you can skip the mixing, kneading and much of the waiting for the bread to rise before baking. New bread machines even have dough cycles which stop the dough from processing after the first cycle of rising. You can then form the dough into shapes such as rolls, pizza crust or baguette loaves. Other bread machine features will change your mind about baking healthy loaves of bread.

Want a gluten-free diet? Now, there are bread machines with gluten-free menu settings. You can use gluten free and organic baking ingredients that you couldn’t use with older models of bread machines.

There are also quick baking cycles which produce hot, ready-to-serve breads in a couple of hours. If you think you lack time to bake healthy loaves of bread, you may change your mind when checking out the new models of bread machines. Now, bread machines do everything for you except slicing and eating it and in such a limited amount of time that you’ll be amazed. Bread machines are versatile, too. They’re not just for bread anymore. Read more