Fun Mother’s Day Crafts for Kids

Mother's Day Gift Idea

Fun Mother’s Day Crafts for Kids

1.) One of the easiest crafts kids can make is a coupon book. The coupons can be made from sheets of paper cut in thirds. Help them think of things to put on the coupons – “One hour uninterrupted bubble bath,” “Clean up my room by myself” or “A flower garden bouquet.” Let your child think of fun things to use for the coupons.

2.) Help your little kids make flowers from paper hearts that may be left over from Valentine’s Day. If you don’t have leftover hearts, you can help them cut out paper hearts from Mom’s favorite color. Arrange three to five hearts with the points at the center. Thread floral wire through the points and then twist the wires together to create the stem. Glue a large button or beads onto the hearts as the center of the flower. Your toddler can also create leaves by cutting them out of paper and gluing them to the stem. Place the flowers in a vase and set it on Mom’s tray for breakfast in bed.

3.) Purchase a pastel t-shirt for Mom. Then, using paint specialized for fabric, let your children place their hands into the paint and press them into the fabric. Be sure to write down the child’s name and age on their hand-print. You can also write the date on the t-shirt so Mom can see how the children have grown over the years. Read more

Tips for Building a Patio

how to build a patio

Tips for Building a Patio

Wouldn’t it be great to have a place to relax outdoors after a long day at work? A great do-it-yourself project is to learn how to build your own patio. With some time and hard work, you can create a getaway spot your whole family will enjoy.

Begin by laying out the proposed location for the patio. Think about the other buildings or landscaping features of your yard. Will you have more than one level of the patio, a built-in barbecue pit or retaining walls? Draw out exactly what you’d like the patio to look like so you can determine what materials are needed.

Decide on the material you’ll use to create the patio. You can use brick, flagstone, wood or even concrete. If you’re not handy with tools, you may want to ask for help or advice from home improvement employees or friends who have built their own patios.

Rather than depending upon pictures in a book, magazine or printed store display, try to find a real-life display which shows exactly what the colors of the pavers are. You don’t have to match the color of your home. Contrasting or complimentary colors are common. Darker colors are also less reflective which can make your patio more user-friendly. Read more

How to Restore Outside Furniture for the Summer

cleaning wicker patio furniture

How to Restore Outside Furniture for the Summer

Summertime means you’ll probably be spending more time outdoors. You may have outdoor furniture you use each year. However, you may not know how to restore your outside furniture so it’s ready for the summer. The following guidelines can help make that outside furniture look like new.

There are many types of materials used for outdoor furniture. You may have some made from plastic, wicker, teak, pine, cedar or redwood. Each material will require a different type of care.

Plastic furniture may be the least expensive but that doesn’t mean it’s necessarily the best choice. Plastic outdoor furniture can degrade over the years. It becomes weak and may not be safe after several years. If your outdoor furniture is relatively new, you can clean it with warm, soapy water. Furniture which is looking ratty can be spruced up by painting it with a spray paint specially designed to adhere to plastic.

Wicker furniture can be cleaned with warm, soapy water using a mild soap. Be sure you spray the wicker furniture to get all of the soap off of it. Much wicker furniture is painted, so you may want to reapply paint to help it look new. Some wicker furniture is natural and may only need to have a fresh coat of sealer on it. Check with the manufacturer to see what they recommend and follow their directions. Read more