Benefits Of Reading To Your Children


benefits of reading to children

What are the Benefits of Reading to Your Children?

Most of us can remember the first book we ever read. Can you? Words are incredibly powerful. They invoke images of far away lands; scary castles; or princesses looking for their knights in shining armor. They can also become friends. Yes, books are the window through which your child sees and experiences different worlds; viewpoints; the fantasies and realities of life. So what are the benefits of reading to your children? Oh, so many, one could write a book on the subject.

There is nothing more worthwhile than reading to your children. Even as babies; the sounds and connotations in your voice can calm and soothe them. More importantly, even before your child is born, research has suggested that your children tend to have a higher degree of understanding and learning. What a wonderful gift to give to your children.

Reading is fundamental to our basic understanding of life; it is the foundation for which allows children to advance and contribute to life. It can take them to places they’ve never been; explore the cosmos; become involved with a character and the adventures taken. Reading is the method by which children learn just about everything. More importantly, it all begins with you. One story can open up a world of possibilities. One book can be the beginning of a lifelong desire to explore all books of different genres. Just think! You have the power to set your child on a path in which the road is paved with endless wonder and imagination.

It’s never too early to read to your children. If you haven’t already done so, start a tradition. Go to the library or book store and buy several books; and begin reading to your child every night. Just think how much father ahead your child will be when he or she begins school.

The level at which our children read today is below par. You can change that; we all can. It’s not too late. It never is when it comes to introducing your child to the words of the world.

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